Our Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey of discovery!

“In northern Italy cheese is acceptable as security on a bank loan.”

"When I first met Possum (Fiona, now my wife) we quickly realised that 
we both had a mutual love of fine fresh food and drink.
Happy occasions, for example weddings, birthdays, family and 
friend 'get togethers' are all usually remembered from times spent around the meal table.
Possum grew up on a farm in Australia where mangoes flourished 
outside the farmhouse door. When they ripened and fell on the ground, 
Possum and her friends ate them fresh. 
"We'd take the skin off and devour the fleshy fruit, and juice would dribble down our chins." 
When she explains about this experience, you can see her face light up as 
she sails back to her mango eating days.
I can safely say that I have been lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of 
some fantastic suppers. 
We are about to witness my nephew, Greg Slade's, marriage to Sophia, 
and we will sit around tables exchanging stories over a hearty meal after the ceremony. 
Possum really has a gift when it comes to meal preparations and 
she is quite careful about the choice of ingredients.
We hope that this blog calendar of fresh, tasty, varied recipes will 
help you enjoy an enhanced and pleasurable eating and drinking experience. 
We also plan that your time in searching for a balanced healthy diet 
can be saved by obtaining ideas from this blog of cooking suggestions 
that are exceptionally tasty - good luck."
From one of the Taste Buds

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