What Is It About Supper?

There are significant differences in dishes, depending where you live on our inspiring globe.  When I decided to move from Australia to the UK, I quickly learnt that there is a vast range of readily available fresh ingredients in Britain.

For example, the climate lends itself to a much broader range of potatoes and apples etc.

The proximity of local grocers and farm shops meant I started to look more closely at seasonal recipes. This enabled me to prepare dishes whose source is not just global and European but local.

My favourite place in the world is Italy and their architecture, culture and family life revolve around meals together. So I enrolled and attended a week’s cooking course in Tuscany. This increased my confidence in my ability to try different approaches and also develop my own recipes.

My wonderful husband, Hugo, has encouraged me to do what I enjoy and excel at, and that includes preparing and serving tasty, wholesome suppers.

If there are any suggestions, enhancements or other feedback that you want to share, I should be delighted to hear from you…

I hope you enjoy my meal suggestions here, as much as I do sharing them.

Possum in her Pantry

Here is a condensed list highlighting the reasons to launch this web / ‘blog’ site.

First I was trying to get a balanced work/life and so I tried a company who sent me 7 days of fresh ingredients and recipes. This seemed like a fantastic idea because, when I thought about what was for supper I knew all the ingredients would be in the fridge! Time saving and fresh ingredients!

Next I also found that I was not having late, after work dashes to the supermarket to pick up a ready to cook tray of something wrapped in pastry with a suspect chicken filling, which was great!

After that I looked at the packaging and even though they were only sending just what we needed e.g. 4 potatoes, these were packaged in paper – tick, but a window of plastic-cross. How do you recycle that?

Then we had to ensure that we were home for the delivery. One day a kind neighbour stopped me to say she was worried about our fresh box of food going off, as we were suddenly called away from home, with no time to stop the delivery. She kindly said next time they would take it in but really how any bottles of nice wine can you give someone every time you are not there to pick up your box? So I decided to stop it.

Finally came the epiphany moment. I was in my kitchen looking at all my recipe books, folders and note books of my own meals. These were mostly around seasonal food, so I thought that if an online company can do it so can I…

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