Happy Easter

Photography Hugo Richardson


There was clapping and cheering from a considerable number of people at ‘Six Mile Cross’ when driving into the BP car park on Maundy Thursday night. When I got out of the car and joined in, I realised how much good hope there still is in the community when there’s a crisis. The NHS are constantly on the alert and we are delighted that they are getting continuous encouragement from so many people 8pm every Thursday.

When I entered the M&S store, after the clapping had subsided, I chose a reasonably priced Vina Alabali Reserva 2014 from Spain to accompany the roast lamb for Easter Sunday. We hope that you are well and that the ease of just printing off a shopping list for suppers, that will last for 7-days, helps you during this extraordinary time.

The roads on Thursday night near Reading were peaceful and nature could be heard through the open car windows for the first time on the dual carriageways. A slightly eerie experience when the grey tarmac normally has a stream of traffic on it.

This weeks delicious recipes include a vegetarian potato omelet and carrots (German-style), a Spring green vegetable soup, root vegetable ragout and Halibut bake (or any white fish you can source) with a fresh vegetables dish.

There’s roast chicken and baked potatoes, the left-overs of which will make a mushroom and chicken pie and a minced lamb Shepherd’s pie to utilise the left-over lamb from Easter Sunday lunch.

Happy cooking, stay safe.

From a ‘Taste Bud’.


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