Food and Wine Pairing

The benefits you get from ‘Possum’s Pantry’ include, printing off a weekly shopping list, enjoying a variety of delicious tasting food that might inspire family discussion and eating healthily.

But what about that magic experience we may receive from complementing the food taste with wine?

Our weekend’s meals have been particularly enjoyable because we bought some exciting wines to complement our suggested menus.

For example, Hugh Johnson publishes a yearly ‘Wine Diary’ that has an introductory section that focuses upon ‘wine and food pairing’. Other illustrations of his include pairing’s to avoid. He advises to avoid peanuts and olives with most wines. But, then suggests fortified wines and spirits go well with olives and peanuts!

If you have an excuse to celebrate (daughter or son’s achievement, engagement, milestone, anniversary etc.) and there’s a bottle of Champagne in the fridge, Hugh Johnson has pairing suggestions. Champagne goes well with cheese straws, almonds, pistachios, or plain crisps.

But the reason for this blog is passing some enjoyment we have had that is quite reasonably priced.

We prefer white wine with white meats, fish and puddings. Red wines highlight the taste of beef, lamb, pork and cured meats (charcuterie meats like salami, chorizo, Palma ham, pepperoni, pancetta, lomo, culatello, nduja, kabanos, soppressata etc.).

Our recommendations for this week include:

Sea Bass tastes fantastic with Valle Berta Gavi white wine from Italy (regarded as Italy’s ‘Chablis’). Valle Beta Gavi’s taste is described by Majestic Wine as a “bone-dry, steely cocktail of citrus, green apple and grapefruit with a refreshing finish”.

Salami, Parma ham and Mushroom pizza can be pleasurably washed down with a red wine like Dos Minas Malbec from Argentina, WinesDirect, the description of the wine “Made from over 15-year old Malbec vines and aged for 8 months in oak barrels this complex yet approachable red smells of ripe plums, violets and delicate earthy notes. Once drunk you’ll enjoy a medley of ripe fruit flavour and peppery spice.”

Enjoy this week’s suppers…


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