Healthy Spring Food

This week is all about fresh seasonal greens. Vegetarians and people who just love their vegetables will be happy with the recipes for Spring Salad with Buttermilk Dressing and Chive, Coriander and Spring Onion Tart. Don’t forget to try the Sweet Potato Salad with Ginger and Soy Dressing – the combination of flavours may be a first!

For those who love fish, Possum’s Pantry’s Roast Salmon with Chive Butter and Courgette dish is delectable. Luckily, any fish will be suitable for this menu (we know obtaining some ingredients presently can be challenging) -really any white fish fillets will taste just as wonderful as the salmon.

The supper that all families will enjoy is the Haricot Bean and Root Vegetable Chilli, this can also be made with beans of your choice -black beans are just as suitable. The ingredient quantities are such that it is possible to utilise the leftovers as an accompaniment for Sunday’s supper of Eggs A La Dreux or Baked Eggs.

Please feel free to share your experiences and photos on Possum’s Pantry Facebook Page.

Happy eating…


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