Spring Herbs

Now is a great time to start your own potted herb garden.

So simple to do as any supermarket will have herbs in pots. Transfer them to the largest pots you have and water regularly.

You will have your own fresh herbs year after year.

I love it when the sage and chives start again in the spring their leaves are fresh and tender and add joy of getting flowers to decorate food and your home.

This week has two of my favourite meat dishes I think you will love. Lamb is still meat of the season and the beef rissoles come straight from my mother’s recipe. I have been making the same way since I was 12. Except now with a twist as I have made the rissoles very small and put them into a tomato risotto.

There is a recipe to make your own tomato sauce, which is quite simple and you can always make double and keep in a sterilised jar in the fridge of pasta and pizza dishes.

You could substitute the homemade sauce with a bottle of pasta sauce but the joy of producing your own is worth the effort.

The Kedgeree with Paprika can also be used as a brunch dish for those lazy Saturday’s and Sunday’s we are all having. I think you will relish this version with prawns or scrimps instead of fish.

I could not resist putting in another pizza meal. I’ve added a basic pizza dough recipe to the

Possums Pantry Recipe Book, so you can go at any time, adding your own or the children’s favourite topping.

We have a very light end to the week with an asparagus mozzarella & prosciutto salad. If you are vegetarian you can leave out the prosciutto and it will taste just as delicious.   

Please take photos of any recipes you make and put them on Possum’s Pantry Facebook page. I would love to know how you enjoyed this week’s menu.

Happy eating…


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