Simple Super Summer Suppers

We have been experiencing glorious weather, which means we are all want to maximise our time in the open.  Here are suggestions for meals that are delicious and yet simple to prepare. Lettuce is 70% water, so typically a great ingredient for the Summer months. But have you ever fried it?

It’s an absolutely brilliant way of eating lettuce, especially if you have more than you need for the salad you have prepared. When you add fried Little Gems Lettuce and boiled eggs together, take a draft of the smell as the meal slides out of the pan. Then just drizzle homemade hollandaise sauce over the dish and enjoy!

Also, as the days have been so warm, spending less time over a hot stove can be a bonus.  So, this week the focus of the suppers has been ‘speed’, whilst keeping a great range of tastes.

For example, Possum’s Pantry’s ‘Tuna, Tomato and Basil with Mozzarella’ platter can be prepared without the requirement of heat!

You will know that you can now have supper ‘get together’ social events for up to six.  The tuna meal with added Italian cold meats filled with cream cheese could accompany a barbecue, for example.

I love making Herb and Chilli Tapenade because it is simple to prepare and yet the flavours work well as a complimentary set of tastes. The Tapenade is also a delicious foundation for lamb chops pork chops or even chicken legs, dependent upon the current possible meat supply restrictions.

Eggs have made a comeback to our local supermarket, so this week’s recipes include Leek Frittata, mixed salad leaves and vine tomatoes for a speedy nutritious light meal.

Simply frying fish fillets is a quick way to make an end of week supper.  Possum’s Panty’s Spinach Sauce is a subtle flavour that helps enhance the fresh fish taste.

Who could possibly resist trying Sweet and Sour Peppers?

This meal suggestion is made from a breadcrumb mixture as a pepper filling. Having prepared the peppers with the mixture, add a sprinkling of your choice of cheese on the top and bake for 20-minutes in the oven and another fast meal serving is accomplished.

Add your chosen side salad with the above and perhaps accompany the supper with a light Italian Pinot Grigio wine. Possum’s potato salad made from very small potatoes and homemade mayonnaise, and homegrown chives is a yummy addition.

Have a great week trying the recipes above and please don’t forget to add some photos to Possum’s Pantry Facebook page.

Keep safe and well.

Possum’s Pantry and the Taste Buds


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