Quiz Night Meals

Photography J C Hugo Richardson

A friend was telling us, last week, at our Weekly Zoom Quiz Night, that they have started harvesting broad beans. This piece of good news gave me the inspiration for the Broad Bean and Mozzarella Quiche for Thursday night’s supper. It should be delectable. If you are enjoying a weekly Quiz Night, please look at the list of recipes on this week’s menu and cook the one that will become your family’s favourite:

Upside Down Pie with Ricotta Cheese

Aubergine with Roast Peppers

Spinach Bacon and Stilton Salad

Broad Beans and Mozzarella Quiche

Salmon & Asparagus with Gnocchi

Simple and quick to prepare they should make all your meals a delight to prepare and eat.

I am very aware that as we venture forth to purchase our weekly shopping either in person or on-line not all the ingredients are readily available so it will not surprise you that the photo above the Leek Frittata it is a Courgette Frittata which worked just as well.

The ability to swap ingredients around and still produce a delicious meal should not deter you. Please ask me questions online or use your imagination with ingredient ‘swapping’.  E.g. Most white fish is fine for swapping around if the suggested variety is unavailable. 

Hopefully by Saturday you have a little more time to prepare the Lamb in Bread Crust with Herbs and Salad Leaves. The recipe suggests a rib of lamb although any lamb chop you can purchase will suit the recipe and work just as well.

My favourite recipe is Sunday’s Crepes with Asparagus Sauce. I fell in love with crepes years ago and am only now revisiting the recipes which remind me of Tuscany and France. A story that was related to me by an Italian chef suggests that crepes were introduced to the French court by Italians chefs from Florence in the 1500’s. Although I’m not sure what the French would say to that!

Sunday’s crepe recipe has an Italian influence. However the French street food of Crepes with Sucre and Jus de Citron is equally as delicious. This is simply the best way to enjoy the leftover crepes the next morning for breakfast, as crepes keep in the refrigerator of about 5 days. Just reheat and add the filling of your choice.

Enjoy this week’s recipes. 

Please remember to upload your own photos of the dishes you make on Possums Pantry Facebook page. Look forward to seeing you there.


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