A Little Ray of Summer Sunshine

Photography by Hugo Richardson

We have been blessed with the most amazing weather all through lockdown. Now the British weather is as unpredictable as usual. So let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can. As we start to come out of lockdown, having a weekly menu for all your main meals and shopping list and pantry list will mean you still only need to brave the supermarket once a week. Leaving time to do all the extra things like meeting up with the people you love in your social bubbles?

As we are still required to meet outside, if possible, my thoughts when gathering my recipes for this week’s suppers revolved around simple, no fuss and tasty meals that could easily become a barbecue for family and your social bubble friends.

Therefore the recipes for the suppers this week are all based on the premise that salads work perfectly on their own in hot weather and also go very nicely when having a barbecue.

There is a Courgette and Summer Green Salad, Orange and Beetroot Salad and an Onion Lemon and Runner Bean Salad. They all can go with your favourite Barbecue meats including fish. Don’t forget that if you decide that cooking is not your thing one evening adding smoked fish to the salads will also make the meals just as enjoyable.

The Strawberry and Goats Cheese Flan and the Slow Roast Shallot Tomato and Spinach Tart are perfect indoor meals. They are also make a delicious addition to a picnic as they can be eaten cold as well as warm.

For the times you decide indoors is best there is a delicious Asparagus Frittata with Warm Courgette and Crab Lemon and Paprika Risotto. If crab meat is difficult to find for the risotto please replace it with hot smoked salmon you will not be disappointed.

Hope you enjoy all the meals for this week.

Please upload your photos on Possum’s Pantry Facebook page. I would love to see what you have been making.


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