Possum’s Recipe Book

Trout with Anchovy Sauce

Serves 4

4 tuna steaks
2 anchovies
1 brown onion - chopped
2 cups water
2tbsp white wine vinegar
Sea salt
1 lemon – juiced
A bouquet garni (see below)
Nutmeg – to taste
In a large saucepan add the water anchovies, onion, vinegar, 
lemon juice, bouquet garni, nutmeg and season with salt. 
Simmer for about 15mins and strain and return liquid to the saucepan.
Put in the tuna and let it cook gradually in the sauce. Do not boil.
Serve on a bed of rice with sauce poured over the tuna.
Cooks note: to make a bouquet garni; hold sprigs of parsley, thyme, 
bay leaf together and tied with string.