Possum’s Recipe Book

A great alternative to leeks are courgettes.

Leek Frittata

Serves 4-6

1 leek –finely sliced
1 onion – finely sliced
Handful chives – finely sliced
1tbsp Olive oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
6 eggs – separated and gently beaten in two separate glass bowls
Parmesan cheese
In a non-stick fry pan, with heat proof handle, heat the oil and add the leek, 
onion and chives.
Fry gently on low heat until soft but not brown.
Mix the egg whites and yolks together.
Season with salt and pepper.
Pour gently over the leek mixture.
Continue to fry gently until almost set.
Sprinkle over Parmesan cheese.
Finish by placing the fry pan under a heated grill until the cheese melts 
and the top is set.
Serve with mixed salad leaves.

Cook's Note: great with mayonnaise or Suffolk Mud Vinaigrette  
                        you can swap the leeks for 1 courgette and it taste just as great.