Possum’s Recipe Book

Selection of Italian Cold Meats with Cream Cheese Filling

Serves 2 (4-6 if part of a larger meal or antipasti board)

1 packet of a selection of Italian cold meats
1 tub cream cheese
2tbsp mayonnaise
5-6 stems of chives – finely sliced
Sea salt
Black pepper
Place the cream cheese, mayonnaise and chives in a small glass bowl 
and mix together.
Season with salt and pepper.
Put in refrigerator until ready to serve rolls.
To make rolls
Take 1 slice of meat and place a teaspoon of cream cheese 
mixture in centre and roll into a sausage shape. 
Cut prosciutto in half if using. 
Continue adding spread 
to meat until finished.
Serve by arranging the cold meat rolls on a plate or platter 
and allowing everyone to help themselves.