Possum’s Recipe Book

Spinach Bacon and Stilton Salad

Serves 2

40g new potatoes
2 eggs – hard boiled and ¼
120g bacon – fry and cut into strips
½ gem lettuce – sliced across
25g baby spinach leaves
1 ½ spring onions – sliced finely
1 small red onion – sliced finely
20g stilton – diced
½ tbsp coriander
For Dressing
3tbsp crème fraiche
2tbsp mayonnaise
2tbsp white wine vinegar
2tsp sugar
20g stilton – diced
3tsp milk
Put the potatoes into a saucepan of cold water to cover and cook until soft.
Dain and cut into cubes. Keep warm.
Add the lettuce leaves, spinach, spring onions, red onion and toss.
Make the dressing by blending all the ingredients together.
To serve share lettuce mixture between plates put potatoes on top with the bacon pieces and sprinkle over the dressing.