Possum’s Recipe Book

Crepes with Asparagus Sauce

Serves 4-6

Crepes (see recipe below) prepare at last 1 hour before using
Bechamel Sauce (see recipe below) prepare second
10 Asparagus spears
1 egg – boiled to just hard and peel and chop into small pieces
150g soft cream cheese -
Parmesan cheese -
Pre-heat oven to 200C (Fan).
Snap the woody end from each asparagus spear.
Place in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil, reduce heat and boil until soft.
Drain and keep the water for the bechamel sauce.
Then chop the spears into small pieces.
Prepare the bechamel sauce and add the asparagus, egg and parmesan cheese and mix together.
Lay out the crepes and put in each 2 tablespoons of asparagus paste and close them like a parcel. Tie with a piece of chive.
With a piece of butter and put them on top of the crepes and sprinkle over parmesan cheese.
Bake the crepes in the oven for 10minutes.
Serves with a leafy salad.
200g plain flour
1tbsp butter
2 cups milk
Pinch salt
Place flour in a glass bowl.
Add milk and mix until smooth and free of lumps.
Add eggs one at a time stirring all the time.
Let the batter stand for an hour.
Using a 30cm non-stick fry pan and heat well.
Add 1tbsp butter and melt. (Do not use anymore butter for rest of crepes.)
Add tablespoons of batter to pan and flip.
Stack the crepes.
Cook’s note: They will keep in the refrigerator of at least 4-5 days.
                        You can fill with fillings of your choice
                      Sweet – custard rolls, Nutella triangles
                      Savoury – ricotta squares or triangles
Bechamel Sauce
½ litre of milk or asparagus water
60g plain flour
70g butter
Sea salt
Black pepper
Melt the butter in a saucepan on a low heat.
Add the flour and stir slowly for about 5minutes.
Remove from heat and add warm milk or asparagus water and stir.
Return to heat and keep stirring until thick.
Add sprinkle of nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste.
Cook’s note: brush a little butter on top of the sauce to stop a crust forming.