Possum’s Recipe Book

Risotto with Red Onions and Mushrooms

Serves 4-6

400g Arborio rice
1 large red onion – cut in large cubes
300g mushrooms (chestnut if you can get them) - cubed
Splash Olive oil
1tbsp butter
Sea salt
Black pepper
½ litre vegetable stock
½ litre chicken stock
2tbsp butter
Cheese (Parmesan or mature cheddar) - grated
Heat the oil and butter in a large non-stick fry pan.
Add onion and fry gently.
Add mushrooms, salt and pepper and fry on a high flame
for about 10mins, stirring occasionally.
Add rice and ensure it is covered in oil while stirring.
Add stock gradually making sure it is absorbed between each addition.
Cook on low heat for about 15 minutes stirring occasionally.
Until cooked.
Remove the pan from the stove and mix in 2tsp of butter.
 Serve with grated cheese sprinkle on the top.