Possum’s Recipe Book

Sweet and Sour Stuffed Peppers

Serves 4 or 6

150g breadcrumbs
60g currants – soaked in boiling water for 15mins and drained
75g cashews – toasted and chopped
45g capers – drained
45g black olives chopped
Handful fresh parsley – chopped
Handful fresh mint leaves – chopped
60g olive oil
6 large red peppers – halved and deseeded
Sea salt
Black pepper
Mature cheddar cheese – grated (optional)
Pre-heat oven to 180C (Fan)
In a large glass bowl mix together:
Breadcrumbs, currants, cashews, capers, olives, parsley and mint.
Season to taste.
Put peppers on a baking tray and fill with mixture.
Drizzle over the olive oil.
Sprinkle over cheese if using.
Bake in heated oven for 45mins to 1hour.
Serve with mixed salad leaves and roasted vine tomatoes.