Possum’s Recipe Book

Small Shapes of Potato (Croûtes)

2 medium sized potatoes – boiled and mashed finely
2tbsp butter
1tbsp cheese – grated (preferable Parmesan)
1tbsp milk
1 egg yolk or milk
Sea salt
Black pepper
Butter at room temperature
Fresh parsley – finely chopped
Pre-heat oven 180C (Fan)
Mix all the ingredients together over a low heat.
Tip out onto a floured board
Shape into rolls about 2½ inches by 1 inch or smooth out and 
cut into triangles or diamond-shaped pieces. 
Place all on a greased baking tray, brush over with egg yolk or milk.
Bake in hot oven until nicely browned.
Before serving, brush over with warm butter and sprinkle over parsley.
Inspired by Mrs Beeton