Possum’s Recipe Book

Kedgeree With Paprika

Serves 4-6

24 small cooked prawns or 1 packet shrimps
1½tbsp butter
1tbsp grated cheese cheddar or Parmesan
4oz rice – of your choice
1 hard boiled egg
4 cups fish or vegetable stock
Sea salt
Heat butter in a saucepan and add the rice and cook a few moments.
Then add the stock.
Cover and cook until tender adding more stock or
water when needed.
Uncover and finish cooking until all moisture has evaporated.
Add sufficient paprika to give the rice a pale pink tint.
Then add a good pinch of nutmeg, season with salt.
Meanwhile put aside 1/3 prawn for garnish.
Chop the prawns in half.
Chop the white of the hard boiled egg finely and
pass the yolk through a sieve.
As soon as the rice is perfectly tender put in the prawns,
white of egg and cheese.
Where rice is thoroughly hot put into large bowls and
garnish with prawns, yolk of egg and watercress.

Serve and enjoy.