Weekly Shopping and Pantry List

March Week 3

Shopping List

500g beef cubed
2 rashers of bacon
4 pieces hot smoked salmon
1 packet smoked salmon
4 pieces smoked mackerel
12 large scallops
1 chorizo sausage
6 small tomatoes
25g cashews
2 red peppers
1 packet Baby spinach leaves
1 bunch spring onions
6 brown onion
3 stick celery
Fresh thyme
Fresh basil
Fresh coriander
Fresh sage
Fresh rosemary
Fresh chives
1 Packet of garden greens
2 carrots
2 parsnips
300g celeriac
1 leek
4 cooked beetroot
2 sweet potatoes
6 large white potatoes
3 lemons
1 packet Rocket
1 packet tortillas
1 packet dried breadcrumbs
Mature cheese
6 eggs
2 tins chickpeas
1 packet couscous
1 jar pesto
1 packet pearl barley

Pantry List

Olive oil
Black pepper
Sea Salt
Butter –
Tomato puree
Single malt whiskey
Maple syrup
Star anise
Saffron threads
Bay leaves
500ml beef stock
500ml vegetable stock