Weekly Shopping and Pantry List

July Week 1

Shopping List

400g new potatoes
50g fine/thin asparagus
6 cherry tomatoes (vine-ripe)
2 red onions
350g fresh runner beans
7 courgettes – green and yellow
1 orange pepper
3 lemon
8 shallots (or 8 red onion)
200g cherry tomatoes
100g spinach leaves
2 oranges
100g strawberry
2 small cooked beetroot
1 packet watercress
1 packet Salad leaves
1 packet Rocket
Fresh thyme
Fresh parsley
Fresh basil leaves
Fresh coriander
Fresh rosemary
Fresh coriander leaves
12 eggs
1 packet ready rolled puff pastry
Parmesan cheese
100g brie
200g goats cheese log
90ml double cream
600ml natural yogurt
2 sea bream
2 smoked mackerel fillets

Pantry List

Balsamic vinegar or Suffolk Mud
Wholegrain mustard
Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
Vegetable oil